Paint Overspray Removal of Texas ” how to remove Protective Coatings & Polyurethane spray-foam overspray”

This slideshow requires JavaScript. My company has over 23 years of hands on experience in all types of overspray damage and the removal of it from vehicles.  As your onsite overspray claims experts, we’re here to provide our services in and out of the U.S. at a low cost.  We specialize in the removal of Polyurethane Spray foam and Protective Coatings paint products.  I have developed a process to remove any type of industrial grade spray foam insulation from a painted surface.  I do this without the use of any compounds or solvents. The method that I use when the normal cleaning process will not work is call blading.  The best way to explain this process is to watch one of my many videos streaming all over the internet.   I use a single edged carbon tipped razor blade.  Warning please do not try this on any vehicle, you will damage it for sure.

I have repaired thousands of vehicle from all sorts of overspray damage using my blading technique.  We have saved insurance companies & contractors millions over the years by repairing vehicles from Polyurethane spray foam and also Protective & Marine Coating overspray damage.  Unlike every other company, we have the videos to prove that statement.  The products mentioned in this blog are no joke when it comes to removing them off a vehicle without damaging it in the process.  They have an adhesive factor to them.  When your vehicle has this type of overspray damage on it, the same adhesive factor also applies to it .  We never hide any of our cleaning methods from adjusters, contractors, and of course our customers.  You will notice in our videos that when possible the owners are present during the repairing of their vehicles.

We also us a 2013 Sony HD camera to film our cleaning process to prove that no damage is occurring during the repairs.  Find me on Facebook “Jeff Suggs” and check out Google ads and websites from all over the world that feature my demonstration videos.  We’re very easy to find on the web, just Google “paint overspray removal companies” then hit videos, images, & web.  None of my work has ever been duplicated by another company or individual. This simply means that no other company can offer the types of  services that I can.  My company motto is  “Nowhere is off-limits” when it comes to traveling anywhere on the planet to repairs vehicles and managing an overspray project!


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