Best results for managing an overspray claim My name is Jeff Suggs owner and operator of Paint Overspray Removal of Texas.  As your onsite overspray claims experts, we’re here to provide impeccable services in and out of the U.S. at a low cost.  With over 24 years of hands on experience in overspray removal, managing claims, customer relations, bidding on jobs and much more.  The first thing to think about when discussing an overspray problem with an insurer is to let them know that you are going to save them thousands by repairing every piece of the vehicle.  When it comes to all parties involved, you want to assure them that they are in good hands.  We do this by showing them some of our demonstration videos.  Another great way to gain the confidence of the insurers or claimants is to direct them to the internet.

When our customers see our demonstration videos and web presence, It lets them know that they are in very capable hands.  We have invented several methods of overspray removal from auto paint, glass, trim, and molding pieces.   We are one of the few if any that removes overspray from auto trim pieces.  Other major companies try to repaint these parts which voids the owner’s vehicle warranty.  When bidding on a large claim, we always tell the insurer to check other companies websites to see what types of services they offer.  You may wonder why would anyone tell an insurance company to go and check other companies websites.  The answer to that is, no other company in the world can offer our services.  Those are not just words, we have the videos streaming all over the net to prove it.

We believe that showing someone your work is much better than telling them about it.   If given the choice most people would want to see your work before you start on their vehicle.  We also believe that your work is “only as good as your last job”  This is why we always make sure the videos on our website are of new vehicles.  Everyone is well aware of how much work is involved in repairing black vehicles.  This is why we have lots of black high-end vehicles on our website.  We repair every piece of the vehicle from all damages even when its not related to the overspray claim.  Its all about building confidence with the insurer and most of all the claimants.  When dealing with someone that has an overspray problem, you have to let them know without a doubt their in good hands.

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