How overspray damage has made auto manufacturers make changes to new vehicles  My name is Jeff Suggs, owner & operator of National Overspray Removal Service.  I specializes in the removal of Protective Coatings and Polyurethane spray-foam in the form of overspray damage to vehicles. Over a 1,000 vehicles a day are damaged by paint overspray in the United States, costing more than one-half billion dollars in damages and insurance claims every year. The cost of repairing a vehicle from overspray damage verses repainting a vehicle saves insurers thousands

There are few if any companies that are capable of removing the overspray from these parts. It takes much more time and effort to repair textured pieces on a vehicle. Most people will simply tell the owner or insurer that the trim and molding pieces are not cleanable. Manufacturers have been forced to make changes to new vehicles. One of the reasons for this is the parts and labor cost to replace these pieces. This costs insurance companies millions annually.

This is one of the main reasons American and import manufacturers have made changes to the exterior designs of new vehicles. A few examples of these changes can be seen on the 2015 Cadillac Escalade, Volkswagens, and the Nissan Maxima vehicles. All door moldings and trim pieces have smooth surfaces and they have either a semi-flat or high gloss finish. There is no back or front glass trim on these vehicles and even the door handles have a smooth finish. These vehicles can be repaired from overspray damage using one of the safest methods, a clay-bar.

This is a good thing for everyone involved from the owners to the insurers and the manufacturers. The insurers have saved millions of dollars since these changes have been made. This also helps anyone in the overspray removal business, detail-shops and individuals that want to make their own repairs. The video linked below demonstrates the changes made to the 2015 Volkswagens. I repaired 227 vehicles and saved up to an hour on the repairs done to the vehicles that have had the trim and molding changes.


Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation “one of the few Green industrial products”

Aside My company specializes in the removal of industrial grade Polyurethane spray foam products in the form of overspray damage to vehicles.  As your onsite overspray claims expert, were here to provide our services all over the USA.  Our mobile crews can be dispatched anywhere nationwide within 24 hours of accepting the claim.  Polyurethane products are some of the most adhesive insulation materials sold today.  This is great if you want to save thousands on light bills or water proofing a roof, just to mention a few of the many uses of this product. The old style insulation is not even close when it comes to the performance of the two products.  The older insulation products with the consistency of candy cane are far from being biodegradable.  No one likes working with a product that penetrates the skin and gets into the pores like the old Pink Panther insulation.  This brings up another great thing about Polyurethane spray foam products, they can be biodegradable.

Two undergraduate students Jeffrey Huang and Jonathan R. Russell together discovered an enzyme that is able to degrade Polyurethane and other plastic products without the use of oxygen.  That means that spray foam insulation and other products made with Polyurethane are one of the few that mother earth can reabsorb.  Spray foam insulation products leaves a very small carbon footprint compared to others.  My company also leaves a very small carbon footprint when it comes to removing Polyurethane overspray.  We never use any compounds or solvents in our overspray removal process.  No chemicals of any kind are left on the ground or leaked into the water system.  In conclusion, there are few products like Polyurethane in the world that have so many different uses and still proven to be a green product.

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